Where to invest PKR 20 Million in DHA Lahore?

Where to invest 20 million in DHA Lahore?   In a series of articles this one would focus on investing 10-20 million primarily in DHA Lahore. Furthermore, this would help in making long, mid and short term decisions. This article where to invest 20 million in DHA Lahore will open up more avenues of investment

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Monthly Plot Sale Report DHA Lahore for March, 2017

Monthly Plot Sale Report DHA Lahore for March, 2017 Phase 6 Plots and Houses This is the monthly plot sale report DHA Lahore for March, 2017. Phase 6 has been relatively stable. House buyers have seen an increase in Phase 6 but between the price bracket of 4-4.5 crores. High end or low end houses have seen

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DHA Residential Files Analysis

DHA Residential Files Analysis This article would focus on 1 kanal residential files available in different cities of Pakistan namely Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur. Primarily 1 kanal files would be the focus of this article. As we all know that the prices of these files have increased in the past few months. DHA Residential

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