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Expats Tax Policy Real Estate

ExPats Tax Policy Real Estate Pakistan

ExPats Tax Policy Real Estate Pakistan In this article we will comprehensively discuss Expats Tax policy real estate in Pakistan in the year 2017. If you are reading this and you know some Expats who are confused about the latest Tax policy please share it with them. There is a lot of confusions about latest taxes unfortunately

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seling home dha lahore

Selling Home DHA Lahore

Fetch the best price for Selling home DHA Lahore Selling Home DHA Lahore is easy however fetching a price you desire may be a bit harder to get. When you decide to sell, the first thing to do is investigate the local housing market. Online consultancy on websites such as,, etc. can

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Home DHA Lahore

Home DHA Lahore ;Guide for Buyers

Buying a home DHA Lahore Buying a home in DHA Lahore, as compared to buying an expensive car, is not the same. A house’s longevity and utility is far more compared to a vehicle. The buying behavior of people is different when purchasing an expensive item or commodity compared to cheaper items such as grocery

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Land of opportunities- DHA

Land Ahoy! 24-03-2016 Infrastructure is a key factor in advancement of villages to mega-cities. With Lahore having its cultural and traditional history implanted deeply in the province, is consistently enhancing a modern city as the clock ticks. The infrastructure developed by the government  has always played  a vital role in the development of cities, hence

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