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DHA Lahore Phase 8 Possession Coming Soon?

DHA Lahore Phase 8 Possession Coming Soon?

As we write this blog , everyone is wondering if  DHA Lahore Phase 8 possession is coming anytime soon and how will that be a market changer? The answer is quite simply YES and that will certainly change the market dynamics in days to come.

Progress DHA Lahore Phase 8 Possession

Since mid last year, we have seen an increase in the development activity in all blocks. This shows an absolute resolve by Defence Housing Authority DHA to complete the development works as early as possible. Present status as of 1st Feb 2016 is as follows :

For Block S : Sewerage and Metal road tops, Electrical Poles , Electrical DP’s and transformers are all in place.

Block W : Sewerage and Black road tops, Electrical Poles , Electrical DP’s have installed.

Blocks T , U, and V: Sewerage and Black road tops.

In Block X and Y : A few black top road tops and Infrastructural development in Y block. 

Broadway Commercial DHA Phase 8 : Already possession in more than 80% of the plots.


2016 or 2017 the year of DHA Lahore Phase 8 Possession?

Yes, there is a huge possibility that DHA Lahore Phase 8 Possession may be handed over in 2016. Most certainly some blocks such as S Block , seem to be almost ready for possession. As S block is located near Burki Road, DHA may give away Possession in S block a bit early.  To give a push to this particular block as it is situated a bit further from the main portion of Phase 8 .

However, we can see that since 1st Jan 2016 the development work has increased manifold and that may hint at the things to come.

Nothing is certain as of now except that if not in 2016 than 2017 is most certainly the year of DHA Lahore Phase 8 Possession. However when it comes to investing in we are sure that 2016 and  2017 will be the years of high returns on your investments in this sector .


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Captain Shahnawaz Yaqub Bhatti


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What is the update of DHA Lahore Sector 8 Block Y 5-Marla, 1. Price & 2. Possession

Muhammad Aleem

Please let me known about possession date of X sector DHA lahore.

Muhammad Aleem

Please tell me about possession of X sector phase 8

Ahmed Mohd

Dear Sir,
I have a Comm plot in block W, I plan to build a plaza. let me know when it would be feasible to build a 8 marla plaza in CCA2. taking in to account the Possession time, time for the residence to get populated. and then Commercial W block.Phase 8.

Sajjad Yasin

Dear SIr,

Could you please provide the latest update on DHA Lahore Phase 8 possessions as the update provided by you was in April 2016 , so now that almost 6 months have passed, so you must be in better position to accurately estmate possession date / timeline.

Khalil Ur Rahman

What about Block -y of DHA Phase 8 Lahore . I have 5 Marla plot there. What is latest about development status and about possible chances of possesion.