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Hello experts,

I am planning to invest in DHA multan for 1 canal plot.i want to know how much time it will take to develop and when i can expect profit on my investment.I read some articles.im 2015 DHA multan plot prices and still its very slow in progress.Can you please suggest me should i need to invest in this time ?


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Dear Ismail,

There have been rumors of the balloting in DHA Multan but so far nothing is 100% confirmed .

Things which are confirmed includes that the total land required for the project is 100% procured and therefore balloting is expected soon. I can’t give you any exact time frame but expectation is that it should happen in 2017.

If you wish to invest in Multan please keep a time frame of 1 to 2 years in your mind for a handsome return.

Jazak Allah

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Dear sir,

DHA Multan will be a very lucrative investment and one should invest before the ship leaves the harbor. I would advise buying a file as they have acquired all the required land for Multan. The ballot as you said is delayed but it has been delayed on purpose my sources tell me. The reason being Gujranwala doesn’t seem to pick up speed and it was the first one launched amongst the two. Multan has given good returns and would continue to give handsome returns in the future as well. The time duration for the maximum returns on your investment would be roughly a year or year and a half on the very safe side.

Warm regards,

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