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Capt sb,

Would you please advise the which option is better among DHA MULTAN vs DHA GUJRANWALA  please advise the entry time as many people are holding their decision due to market conditions which is deteriorating and prices expected to come down.

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Dear Rajab.

There are strong rumors about DHA Multan to be balloted before Gujranwalla , however the price is also a Million less for Gujranwalla,. If price is not the consideration , Multan is better than Gujranwalla.

Multan files havent shown much deterioration, suggesting that its good to buy there at these rates.


Jazak Allah

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Dear sir,

Multan is better than Gujranwala. The prices as you suggest have already dipped and now it’s an upward hill in my opinion. There is always a genuine rate for a plot/file/house/land and in Multan I believe according to the location is underpriced. The genuine assessment for the file in my books stands at 55 lacs whereas the file is for only 40-41 lacs as of today. On the other hand Gujranwala as far as the location goes should be not more than 37-8 lacs and that depicts the fair market value of the file as of now.

warm regards,

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