DHA Phase 9 Prism


I m very confused before taxes nothing was getting confirmed in prism and tons of buyer But now is a haunted matket. Where are we heading un future.

Do you expect a drop of 15-20 % in prism or there might be a bloodshed in the property business like 2006-2009.

What are the safer option in current scenario.

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Dear sir,

Prism is very volatile at the moment and it’s expected to drop much in the future. It would be advisable to buy a plot of 1 kanal in Phase 8 instead. It depends on your budget. I’d recommend going to Phase 8 as the possession is expected in 2017. For further guidance contact on my number 03208484630. As far as the bloodshed of property is concerned I believe it is the right buying time. The market is most likely to adapt to the new taxes in 4-6 months time. People are a little skeptical. I’m recommending purchasing at this moment instead of selling. For sellers it’d be better to switch into commodities which will give better returns in the future.



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Dear Mansoor ,

It was nice talking to you over the phone . First of all please remember that correction and panic is the normal phase in any kind of trading . If there were no corrections there would be no opportunities in the market. Take this correction as a blessing to invest in a solid sector.

Bloodbath in phase 9 was predicted here in my article https://www.imlaak.com/phase-9-prism-investment-bubble/  in may 2016. I was a bit early but its always hard to predict a top or a bottom.

I warned people to be careful . As a rule of thumb you should sell when there are buyers in the market and you should buy when there are sellers in the market. These are low risk max gain scenarios .

Right now we have a low risk – max gain scenario as well in Phase 8 . I suggest go for a 10 Marla or 1 Kanal plot and do not wait any longer . I am sitting in the market and i have already purchased 3 plots in Phase 8 at good rates. I will wait for 6 months to a year before selling them . I have purchased plots at an average of 190 Lacs and i plan to sell them at 275 to 300 Lacs . I hope to achieve my targets before an year.


Jazak Allah


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