Provincial tax(cvt and stamp duty)


I purchased a plot in dha. Could u plz guide me:

Do i have to pay Cvt+stamp duty (provincial taxes 5%) at DC rate or the actual price at which i bought the price?(i am clear on fbr taxes)

Everybody tells me that i pay them at dc rate. If this is the case, what will i tell theFbr guys during filing.

Looling forward amd thank you.

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Salaam Sidra,

Yes you pay as per 5% of DC rate and yes you declare the complete price at the time of filing. DC rate prices are a bare minimum you have to pay , you can pay extra but it wont make it any more legal than what you pay as per DC rates.

Just make sure that all of your money is white though if you want to declare 100% amount.

Jazak Allah

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