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mlaak is the all-round answer to real estate: we are consultants, marketers and investment advisers.

We operate in select societies all over the country, providing lucrative but safe investment opportunites. Here at ‘Imlaak’, we believe in change for the better, and are constantly challenging tradition. We have a strong desire to improve the way our industry operates and do business differently to give you the edge.







Our Mission

Reinventing how our real estate industry operates & providing a transparent platform to our clients.


We offer an in-depth analysis of property trends across Gwadar, DHA and Lahore.

Always on time

We know time is precious why we are always on time to meet our deadlines.

Property Assessment

With Imlaak you are always a click away from the latest evaluation of your assets.

Marketing Guru

Our marketing campaigns are always on target and achieve maximum exposure.

Portfolio Managers

Our Personal investment manager will help you maintain your property portfolios.

Our Area Of Expertise

Our Blog

Are The Property Prices Really High?

Today i came across some interesting comments on a blog on one of the leading real estate website about the prices of real estate in Pakistan. The discussion is interesting and between two different schools of thought, one claiming that the prices will rise, while the other negating it and predicting a global real estate
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Real estate and amnesty for offshore company

Real estate and amnesty for offshore company   Pakistan has joined as the 111th member of the OECD in 2012 the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax will participate in the peer review process which encourages all countries to adopt effective exchange of information in tax matters. Extracts from the mission
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Jan 2017 DHA Lahore Market Analysis

MRA – Jan 2017 Property Market Report DHA Lahore Notice :  MRA (Monthly Real Estate Analysis) – Jan 2016 Property Market Report is a general guideline and does not cover all aspects of the market. The real estate trends vary even within blocks of the same phase and for a layman it gets very complicated and confusing.
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Monthly Plot Sale Report DHA Lahore for December, 2016

Phase 6 Plots and Houses This is the monthly plot sale report DHA Lahore for December, 2016. Phase 6 has seen fewer transactions than normal this month. The focus this year end has been on other phases of DHA. A few purchases were done in M block and a pair plot purchased in L block of Phase
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Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2017

Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2017 Year 2016 has been a very special year for real estate in Pakistan. We have seen prices rising to the top followed by a major correction after 1st July 2016 after the imposition of Taxes by the federal Government. Year 2016 has offered us a lot of opportunities to make
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Private societies in Gwadar: Reality or Hoax

Private Societies in Gwadar: Hoax or Reality   Private societies in Gwadar: Hoax or Reality, this article will give you an insight what and what not to do while investing in Private Societies in Gwadar. Hopefully more informed decisions will be made once you go through the reading material. Gwadar has seen a sprout of
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