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mlaak is the all-round answer to real estate: we are consultants, marketers and investment advisers.

We operate in select societies all over the country, providing lucrative but safe investment opportunites. Here at ‘Imlaak’, we believe in change for the better, and are constantly challenging tradition. We have a strong desire to improve the way our industry operates and do business differently to give you the edge.







Our Mission

Reinventing how our real estate industry operates & providing a transparent platform to our clients.


We offer an in-depth analysis of property trends across Gwadar, DHA and Lahore.

Always on time

We know time is precious why we are always on time to meet our deadlines.

Property Assessment

With Imlaak you are always a click away from the latest evaluation of your assets.

Marketing Guru

Our marketing campaigns are always on target and achieve maximum exposure.

Portfolio Managers

Our Personal investment manager will help you maintain your property portfolios.

Our Area Of Expertise

Our Blog

Opportunities and Developments in Phase 6

Opportunities and Developments in Phase 6 DHA Lahore With ongoing developments in Phase 6 DHA Lahore in developed and undeveloped areas, there are various opportunities which present themselves. We will discuss each opportunity in brief context. Phase 6 A block Commercials Phase 6 A block commercial area is being built right next to the DHA
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Developing Farm House Culture In Lahore

Developing Farm House Culture In Lahore Lahore is at the thresh hold of congestion. Enormous growth in population and relocation of rural community to urban areas of Punjab is exerting extensive pressure on resources. Punjab government specially is determined to build urbanized infrastructure. Ring road, orange train and criss crossed with roads network, are creating
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DHA Rahbar Ballot

DHA Rahbar Ballot DHA Rahbar ballot is expected very soon. This is a very strong market rumor which means that there is truth to the matter. Investing in DHA Rahbar will give us increment in four different stages. Other than the natural growth element in all sectors these four stages are those which would give
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