Plot Sale Report DHA Lahore

Monthly Plot Sale Report DHA Lahore for November, 2016

Monthly Plot Sale Report DHA Lahore for November, 2016

Phase 6 Plots and Houses

  • This is the monthly plot sale report DHA Lahore for November, 2016. We have purchased a few plots for our clients in Phase 6 of DHA Lahore for constructing their houses. End users continue to make purchases for construction of their houses. The purely investment connotation does not stand at the current market scenario unless a plot is offered at a price lower than the market rate which is still rare in Phase 6.
  • A commercial plot in MB was sold to a buyer’s agent for construction of a plaza for rental returns. The plaza’s in MB are still mostly vacant but it’s an investment which will give you fruitful returns in form of rental income sooner or later. A mature approach would be to secure a position today and once the market starts running again when you realize it’s the time to start construction without missing the train then one should jump into construction.
  • Purchases
  1. One plot purchased in N block
  2. One plot purchased in L block
  3. One plot purchased in H block
  • Sales
  1. Sold one plot in E extension
  2. Sold one MB on back of main road

Phase 7 Plots and Houses

  • Phase 7 plots continues to attract very little end users or investors. Phase 7 buying and selling has been at a low. We have purchased a plot in R block as there are quite a number of houses in and around it. Other than that we have sold three plots all were at a premium location either a corner or at a 150’ road. The commercial continue to dip down and still there is no investor or client interested in purchase of one. The commercial file however, has shown that returns can be taken from this market as well, as the file continues to go up. Phase 7 always has been a target of uncertainty as it is the investors which create the price bubble rather than natural growth, I believe the same is the case with the commercial file as of now.
  • Purchases
  1. Purchased one kanal plot in R block
  • Sales
  1. Sold a plot one in V block
  2. Sold another one in Y block
  3. Sold one plot in Z1 block

Phase 8 Plots and Houses

  • The prices in Phase 8 have seen a significant correction, this is only in terms of Phase 8 exclusively because the prices were not that inflated in the first place. The only bubble was the one which existed in W block which has seen a significant decline. We have purchased a few plots in Phase 8 and will continue to do so as the possession is expected next mid-year. It is still advisable to put your money in Phase 8.
  • With only the end user in play there has been a significant drop in the prices of Phase 8 commercials especially Broadway. It is advisable to buy 8 or 4 marla plots in broadway which are available with a significant drop in prices. There is a multitude of options which are available at lesser prices especially in the areas which are not considered premium but buying in compromised locations is also advisable as long as it makes sense e.g. buying a 8 marla for 600-650 lacs would be a good buy considering the file price stands at 600 lacs without the development charges. CCA1 and CCA2 see a stalemate as far as sales are concerned.
  • Z block keeps going down despite the rapid construction taking place in the area. The reason is that it was previously purely speculative just like Phase 9 Prism. The commercials have dropped significantly. Buying in residential is advisable as long as it is comparable to Phase 9 prices as the possession of Z block is expected sooner than Phase 9.
  • Purchases
  1. Bought a plot in Z6 of 5 marlas
  2. Bought two commercial plots of 8 marlas in Broadway
  3. Bought a plot in V block
  4. Bought a standard plot in T block
  5. Bought another 1 kanal plot in U block
  • Sales
  1. Sold a plot in Commercial broadway of 8 marlas in B block
  2. Sold a residential plot in Z5 block of 10 marlas
  3. Sold a commercial plot in Z6 block

Phase 9 Plots and Houses

  • Prism continues to topple. The purchases have been significant in the market only for one reason the prices are nearing their actual assessment. I still believe people are buying at a high, and the prices might drop further. Instead of evaluating the drop one should only consider the genuine assessment of a plot and make a decision. No need to invest your hard earned money in commercials they are still inflated.
  • Phase 9 town has been wonderful for our investors. We secured a commercial file at 240 lacs and sold it at 286 lacs after three weeks. Phase 9 town residential plots are still low than their actual assessments where else would you get a residential plot 5, 8 or 10 marlas with possession at these rate in DHA Lahore. It is highly advisable to secure one plot in 9 town, but you are looking for the correction when the prices will be at their actual value therefore, the time duration cannot be defined.
  • Purchases
  1. Purchased a plot of 5 marlas in J block
  2. Purchased a kanal plot in L block
  3. Purchased a 9 town commercial file of 4 marlas
  • Sales
  1. Sold a commercial file of 4 marlas
  2. Sold a 1 kanal plot in H block
  3. Sold an 8 marla plot in C block of 9 town
  4. Sold a 5 marla plot in R block

A summary can be seen below in percentages for the average daily volume which has been 23 transfers in the month of November. These are estimates based on current transfers in DHA, Lahore.
(Source of information has been direct gathering of information from various sources)


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