6 Places Not To Invest in DHA Lahore

6 Places Not To Invest in DHA Lahore

This is a real estate agents nightmare to tell people where to avoid investing. As an investment consultant when clients come to me, they have usually done some research and have partially made up there mind about where to invest. Some of them are looking for an opportunity which will give them multi million profit in just a couple of months and it becomes really hard to convince them otherwise. Every day a lot of investors fall in to the hands of unique marketing gimmicks and selling strategies and end up investing in areas where they are stuck for a very long time with no real profits. One of the leading example in this case is the housing Green Palms in Gwadar, it made a huge vibe in the investment circles when it was launched in 2016 and just after an year, the resale is almost non existent. In my opinion a real estate investment which do not have a resale potential is worth a big ZERO.

The present real estate market is very tricky indeed and it is the golden time for mid term and long term traders who are not dreaming to make millions over night. Do not get me wrong i am not against short term trading but short term trading is usually very volatile and inherits huge risks. If you are looking to take that risk you should as long as you understand the potential downsides and as a consultant it is my duty to guide you to minimize your financial risk.

If you wish to Invest in DHA Lahore than you must do your research and do your consultation with an experienced realtor.  In general if you wish to invest in DHA Lahore your money is safe but there is no guarantee that it will be profitable unless you invest timely and wisely.

A lot of people may offer some counter arguments but the truth is that you should always invest in real estate where you can most definitely see a price rise in an year or more and a better resale opportunity. The situations may change though in coming years if the prices of property in these areas fall or if DHA starts rapid development.

Invest DHA LahoreThis analysis is based on factors such as present prices, time frame of development and activity. 

  • Phase 9 Prism residential and commercial plots

    Phase 9 Prism is undoubtedly one of the best phases in DHA Lahore except that i still consider it as an investment bubble. No matter what any one says, i am not expecting the possession of 9 prism before 2022. The location is perfect, the town planning is awesome but the prices are not. Even if we get possession in 5 years it may be another 5 years before it is properly livable and add another 5 years before commercial activities begin to take shape. This is certainly not the right time to invest in 9 prism and there will be better times to invest in future. If you look at it closely you will understand that it has not gained in the past year rather lost some grounds and i think this trend will continue for a couple of years. You can not rule out the possibility of another bubble forming up in 9 Prism in the coming years, however buying a commercial in oval for 5 crores which may not see any activity till 2022 is hard to digest. In simple words it is not worth putting your money on stake. Residential plots however have less inherent risks and may not see major down side but what is the point of investing in 9 Prism when you can have better returns some where else in the same time frame.

    9 Prism commercial has a risk of 20 to 30% downside in prices and residential prices may remain stagnant or  suffer a 10 to 15% slide.

  • CCA 2 Phase 6 commercial

    Built on the thoroughfare it may have huge potentials in the future as it will be on the main link road to 9 Prism and Bedian road. However as of now the expansion plans of Bedian road are unclear in addition you may not see the link road to 9 Prism very active till we see some populace in Phase 9 Prism. Above all the 30 feet roads inside the CCA 2 unlike its predecessor CCA 1 of Phase 6 which offers 50 ft road is a basic flaw we can not over look. Considering the time frames of development and commercial activity in CCA 2 i believe the prices are over rated and it is best to wait a little before investing and you may find a much better opportunity.

    CCA 2 has a potential risk of 8 to 12 million down slide. 

  • 9 Town E Block commercial

    It is a close cousin of CCA 2 of phase 6 and just opposite the Bedian road. It has the same risk potential and time frames of CCA 2 of phase 6. There may not be a huge downside except in some cases but the time frame of development may be long and tiring. It is therefore better to stay away from it unless it is available in attractive prices between 27 to 32 Million.

    E block commercial will not give you any profits in next year or two and prices may go down by 5 to 8 Million

  • Phase 8 Z Ivy green residential and commercial

    The prices are already sliding down wards in Phase 8 Z Ivy green and you will have to be very patient if you have invested in Z Ivy green. We will not see it gain much except when its possession is announced which may take 2 to 3 years. It is more of an extension of DHA Lahore Phase 8 and will take years to become habitable. The commercial prices have already taken a huge dip and i do not see it as a profitable investment in next 2 years at the least. The residential plots specially the smaller ones have more potential though so may not see any further downside but will not be a profitable investment.

    Avoid the commercial investment at all costs and we may see a 5 to 10% downside in plots in next year or two. 

  • Phase 10 Files DHA Lahore

    If 9 prism goes down so will Phase 10 and this is not the right time to buy Phase 10 files. It is much better to wait and buy after a couple of years.

    It may suffer 10 to 15% downside in file prices.  

  • Phase 7 commercial

    Last but not the least, this may not be too bad as the prices are already bottomed out. The resale is however very slow and it may take 3 to 5 years before we see commercial activity developing in Phase 7 . I am also worried about the number of commercials present in this phase and therefore the availability will always keep its prices in check. Do you really want to invest 30 Million or more in an area where you have doubts about future activity?. Think again.

    It may not suffer a downside but has less resale and will be very slow to develop. 

That is all folks from your friendly neighborhood investment consultant. I wish you all the best and be very careful when making your next big move.

If you wish to meet me and discuss about your real estate ventures feel free to download our app available in google store and book yourself an appointment.

Captain (Retd) Shahnawaz Yaqub Bhatti

Investment Consultant and CEO at Imlaak

Mob : +92 333 1717170 ( Whatsapp)

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What is price of Dha Multan 5 Marla file

shahid Ajaz

Best place for investment now
Shahid Ajaz


Well … do you recommend any places to invest … ???

Ghazanfar Dar

Good analysis that is mostly on correct lines. Property market is not likely to be revived at least in next 3 to 4 years. Only the genuine buyers interested to construct houses for themselves will be more visible in the market. Prices of only those phases of DHA will increase at slow pace which are more attractive for house building like for example Phase 6.
Apartments will become more attractive in cities like Lahore and Islamabad/ Rawalpindi due their affordable for middle class prices.

Umer Shehzad

Dear Ghazanfar,
for the apartments to become lucrative two things primarily need to be evaluated, one is the price versus a house and secondly a hassle free living which means all facilities need to be in house otherwises apartments’ market might not flourish. There are still investments in which money can be made but you are to an extent right as the options are now limited.
Jazak Allah


You did not mention DHA Rahbar Phase-11 in this discussion. Or may be i missed. If i recall u have +ve about this in the past.

Umer Shehzad

Dear Tariq,
DHA Rahbar files deem to be a good investment along with the residential plots because of the upcoming southern loop of ring road. These are places where not to invest.
Jazak Allah


I generally agree. What in your opinion are the best commercial investment in dha under 30 million at present

Umer Shehzad
Dear Khalid, There is the option of 4 marla commercial files. But there is also an option of buying an E block commercial plot. Considering CCA 2 Phase 6 and E block of 9 town are on either side of the road I believe the gap will be covered in times to come and E block will have as little as only a 2.5 million difference from CCA 2 Phase 6. In this article both investments have been considered bad but I disagree with E block commercials as there might be money to be made from the price gap. But… Read more »