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Is It Time To Buy DHA Multan Files ?

DHA Multan file rates have exponentially risen from 28 Lacs to 42.5 Lacs as of 15th July 2016. DHA Multan is not alone in this growth rather. DHA Gujranwala and DHA Bahawalpur have followed the price trend as well. DHA Gujranwala 1 Kanal File presently sits at 35 Lacs and 10 Marla File is at 25 Lacs. DHA Bahawalpur 1 kanal file is priced at 34 Lacs as of today. This trend clearly explains that the trend of purchasing Files is not isolated. There are certain market factors which have effected the rates and started the uptrend. It is now upto us to analyze if  this is the right time to buy DHA Multan Files. Let us analyze these factors one by one.

1. Long Term Trade To Buy DHA Multan Files

Taxes imposed by the Federal Government in the Budget 2016-17 on real estate have acted as a catalyst for the price hike. Many investors have opted to buy DHA Multan Files to preempt this move by the Government. DHA Multan Files are equally good for a short term, medium term or a long term trade. Although our preferred trade to buy DHA Multan Files is either medium term lasting 6 months to 1 year or long term lasting 3 to 6 years. A long term trade is both viable profitably and to avoid taxes at the same time.

2. Balloting Rumors

There are strong rumors in the market that DHA Multan balloting is expected soon. Some expect that it will be held as early as October 2016. This has been the biggest signal to buy DHA Multan Files and the reason that its prices have risen higher than any other DHA Files. Previously it was thought that the Balloting may be held by March 2016. That however did not happen but is being followed by the latest rumor of balloting in October this year.

3. Land Procurement

The best news about DHA Multan is the land procurement for the project. The land has been procured completely for Phase 1 and therefore further substantiates the Balloting rumors. There are no litigation on the land procured by DHA in Multan and that is one big positive news for the investors.

4. Location and Rate Analysis

Multan is considered an undeclared metropolitan of southern Punjab. In addition DHA Multan is located  in one of the most sought out location in Multan. The average prices of Plots in good societies around DHA Multan are above 15 Million. DHA Multan is expected to rise much higher than its competitors in the area. In 5 years time we can safely assume that this File would have converted into a plot with a  price above 12 Million minimum.

Should You Buy DHA Multan Files At These Rates?

The answer is simply Yes . I do not believe that there will be a big market correction in the prices of DHA Multan Files. Also as our preferred trade in DHA Multan is either medium term or long term it is not suitable to wait for a minor correction. Considering that we are aiming for profits in Millions, a minor correction even if that happens will not effect our objectives. However if we assume that the correction never occurs you will miss out an opportunity for a 200 to 300 % profit.

As per latest update balloting is going to be held in the first quarter of 2017. The prices of Multan have risen sharply on the news.


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I heard around that the DHA Multan is delayed intentionally to market DHA Bahawalpur?
if the info is correct then there might be delays in DHA Multan?