Phase 9 Town Investment

Phase 9 Town Investment

Trending towards Phase 9 town

Phase 9 town investment is one of the best opportunities you’ll find in today’s slow market. The market is trending towards Phase 9 town. There are multiple reasons for Phase 9 Town investment. These reasons will be underlined below and explained later. Investors, builders and one time buyers are also buying plots in Phase 9 town. Major reasons for investing in Phase 9 town are given below.

  1. It is the cheapest 5, 8 or 10 marla option with possession in DHA at this time.
  2. Builders are moving in because of the low overall cost of construction of a house compared to building in Phase 6.
  3. With the induction of E block it means that a direct approach from the main Bedian Road.
  4. It offers a complete community living given the number of parks, mosques, commercial plots given it’s a small size community.
  5. There is an increase in the number of houses being built in Phase 9 town especially C block of 9 town.
  6. The next step after completion of CCA 2 of Phase 6 is the underpass which will connect Phase 6 to 9 Town.
  7. 9 Town is the gateway to Phase 9 Prism.

With the cheapest plot prices in DHA Phase 9 town it is advisable to procure a position yourself. The difference between a 5 marla plot in Phase 6 and Phase 9 town is almost 3 million. The gap in the coming times will reduce. D block Phase 6 five marla options are towards the boundary whereas in Phase 9 town you can also get a premium plot within the community. The price gap will be reduced but can never be finished as Phase 6 will always offer more facilities such as a Golf Course, DHA club, bigger parks etc. to its inhabitants. The reason to buy in Phase 9 Town is primarily is the price plus it’s a growing community and as it saturates the rates will tend to go upwards.

With the direct approach from Bedian, upcoming underpass from Phase 6, current entrances from both Bedian Road and Askari XI it is quite accessible for anyone who wants to visit. This allows for ease of access for anyone coming to 9 town. E block commercials will also give a great infrastructure boost to the Phase 9 town. The reason is that the market starts from main Bedian road and is very suitable for brands for their exposure.

From a construction perspective you have an overall lower investment as the plot prices are very friendly compared to a 5 marla in Phase 6. The profit is almost similar to what you’d earn in Phase 6 therefore having a higher ROI (return on investment) compared to any other 5 marla house you build in DHA Lahore.

The infrastructure of 9 town has ample parks, mosques as well as commercials for a complete community living within DHA. It has all the necessary amenities for a comfortable living. Although developing it’ll eventually turn into a premium 5 marla community for residents who’ll be able to enjoy DHA living standards. Location of 5 marlas in developed Phases or Phases being developed is not that high end in terms of locations. An example of this is that you hardly have any plots facing park in Phase 5 whereas in Phase 9 town you get multiple options facing park in different sectors.

When DHA completes CCA 2 of Phase 6 the next step is the underpass which will connect Phase 6 to Phase 9 town. This will mean that another prominent access will be given to Phase 9 town driving its rates further up. An example of this is the M block of Phase 5, once the underpass started the prices have gone significantly upwards. This is another prospective reason to invest while it’s still going up. Phase 9 town in times can be foreseen to continue this trend for a year or so because of the number of houses being built. There are many 5 marla houses being built in Phase 9 town especially C block of Phase 9 town. This trend in C block will slow down and alternatively A block will began to grow once the road access and Phase 6 underpass is started.

In times to come almost 2-3 years once the possession of Phase 9 is handed over by DHA it’ll continue to grow significantly. The reason is that Phase 9 town is the gateway to Phase 9 Prism. Once the possession is handed over the DHA access to Phase 9 Prism will be from DHA 9 Town. This would prove to be a very lucrative opportunity. We have to understand the future as well as near future prospects of Phase 9 Town. Phase 9 town investment makes a lot of sense as of today with bright future prospects however you may look at it.

Contributed by:

Umer Shehzad

 MD Imlaak

 MBA Finance (Cardiff University, UK)

For consultancy call Umer Shehzad (0092) 03208484630

Co-Author Saqib Hanif (0092) 03214209000

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Can you plz guide me that within a budget of Rs. 6.5 to 7.0 million which one would be better option to LIVE:
1. Phase VII 10 marla
2. 9 Town 8 Marla


9 town 8 marla much better

Mrs sadia

I have 5 merla plot in cblock of 9 town . In between 400 to 420 .please evaluate my plot. Should i keep or sell

Capt Shahnawaz

It is approximately , 64 to 65 Lacs, We expect the prices to go maximum till 70 lacs , it should be safer to exit between 65 to 70 lacs. However you can keep it for long term as well and it will give you good returns over next 5 years.

Jazak Allah


Can u plz assess value of plot in C block between 291 to 295 please

Capt Shahnawaz

The plot is valued at 64 to 66 Lacs.


Kept it


What about expension of bedian road ? As far as I know PC-1 was ready in may 2017 also marking done but haven’t seeing any work on bedian road. And as u stated underpass after completion of CCA-2 I think they change the plan for now as they are constructing the road rather underpass. Any news about acquiring land behind b block 9 town ?


Mr. Umer as always you have written much informative article. I definitely get latest updates regarding DHA properties.