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Top 4 Marla Commercial Files DHA Lahore

Top 4 Marla Commercial Files Investment in DHA Lahore

One of the biggest questions today is the 4 Marla commercial files investment in DHA Lahore. While there are more than 8 different options for you to select from , we will only consider the top 4, 4 Marla commercial files comprehensively in this article. Why are we discussing only 4 options here is to make sure that unless you have a need to diversify and you have a big portfolio of real estate investment, there is no need to look any where else besides these 4 options here. For some of you this may be the only commercial investment you can make today and therefore it needs to bring optimum results as your future will depend on it. 

Comparison of 4 Marla Commercial Files

Number 4 – Broadway , 4 Marla Commercial File 

4 Marla commercial files of Phase 8 Broadway is 4th on our list and this may surprise many but we believe that the location of the Broadway commercial is the only reason to earn this standing for these files. Some of you may have been surprised why i selected it instead of Phase 7 , 4 Marla commercial file but truth of matter is that Phase 7 has an inherent location problem and will always face the negativity in that department. Broadway on the other hand is on the best central location from all the commercials in the area. It is however our number fourth option because the location of these 4 Marla files within Broadway may not be that good except in D Block where 4 Marla commercials may be located on the exact entry into Phase 8 from ring road. Possible areas where these 4 Marla commercial files may be allocated is encircled in red. 

broadway 4 Marla commercial file locations


9 Town, 4 Marla Commercial Files

3rd on our list is 9 Town commercial files of 4 Marla, located near to the main Bedian road and the 100 ft road which is going to serve as the link between Phase 6 and 9 Prism in future. However the map is not very impressive and the 5 Marla community of 9 Town may not give it the genuine boosts it may require. The market sentiment favors it though as a lot of real estate traders and agents are involved in its trading because of lower cost of transfer. While it may subside after balloting and the genuine demand may be very less. This will make it suffer just like 9 Town residential plots, which went high during trading before possession. The presence of CCA 2 of Phase 6 on the other side of Bedian road is also a big hurdle in the genuine growth of this commercial. The price is also high now at 310 Lacs and in my opinion it is still a good short term investment but a very risky long term affair. 

 9 Town

Number 2 – DHA Rahber Phase 2 Ext, 4 Marla Commercial Files

This is my number 2 choice because of the great short term possibilities. The balloting is expected to happen in Aug 2017 and the location of these files is expected to be near the main Defence road. The price is also the lowest among all other commercial files at 215 Lacs approx as of 18th May 2017. The low cost of transfer makes it attractive for investors and quick traders and therefore remains in high demand. In my opinion it is the only commercial files investment which has good potential in both short term and long term. Both affidavits and allocations are available for sale. 

Rahber Phase 2 Ext files are divided in two different Mouzas, Halloki and Sadoki and there is a slight difference between both rates as some suggest that Mauza Sadoki files will be allotted in a better location. This is not my assumption though and i believe that files of both mouzas will be allotted randomly as DHA has done the same in the past. 

Number 1 – Parkview Phase 8 DHA Lahore, 4 Marla Commercial files

Number 1 on my list is DHA Phase 8 Parkview 4 Marla commercial files. Divided into two mouzas namely Shivpur and Malikpur and only allocations are available now. It is not a hot favorite for short term traders because of its higher transfer cost and that makes it most suitable for genuine buyers. These commercial files will be allocated in an area which is already populated and will be the first 4 Marla commercials in Parkview Phase 8. Commercial activity is already flourishing in Parkview Phase 8 and with a limited number of commercial plots in the area this is destined to maximum profits on your investment.

In my opinion it is the most secure 4 Marla commercial file investment you can make today , which guarantees you optimum results in short term, mid term and long term. Although most suitable for long term as Parkview Phase 8 is already developed and in possession. In addition this is the only 4 Marla commercials in an area which is already populated so after possession, the prices will go sky high. 

Areas where these 4 Marla commercial files of Phase 8 Parkview may be allocated is marked in red. 



I hope this will help you to take your next big step, feel free to contact me any time for further advise and consultancy. 


Captain (Retd) Shahnawaz Yaqub Bhatti

Investment Consultant and CEO at Imlaak

Mob : +92 333 1717170 ( Whatsapp)

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What is the transfer cost for Parkview for both filer and non filer?

Ahsan Zafar
Ahsan Zafar

AOA Captain Sab, i want your opinion on where to buy and construct a new house on 1 kanal in dha Lahore for personal use with limited budget. thank you


why are Parkview 4 Marla files stagnant.. No movement at all, rather the prices have gone down in the last 2 months…

Umer Shehzad

Dear Khurram,
You have to realize the market gap which exists there’s 8 marla and 16 marla not a single 4 marla options and the rates of these bigger commercials are extravagant which means in any case these files once balloted would give you upto 70% returns if not more.
Umer Shehzad