Where to invest PKR 10 million in DHA?

Where to invest PKR 10 million in DHA?

This article where to invest PKR 10 million in DHA will focus on investing smartly a sum of 10 million rupees. In this read we’ll focus on smart ways to create a portfolio or investing in a single commodity. A summary would help in making an informed decision. The layout is priority based in both the cases.

Some opportunities to consider:

  1. Phase 9 Prism

Phase 9 Prism is one of the good buys if you want to hold a position for at least a year. In this price you might find plots at a reasonable location if not the best. With Phase 9 you can expect one or two jumps a year as this phase doesn’t necessarily fall under natural growth process but it would increase when investors jump in. The same was the connotation with Phase 7, Phase 9 is following suit as it’s cheapest commodity available in DHA 1 Kanal option.

2. Phase 8 Z block

Phase 8 IVY Green 1 Kanal is another option one shouldn’t forego. The reason for this investment is that you can get the maximum return when the possession bubble form in about a year and a half. This would give a good benefit if one procures a position now and liquidates it once it’s near possession. I believe it is underpriced as of today.

3. Phase 8 Y block

Phase 8 Y block is a smaller commodity as you would be able to procure a 10 marla or an 8 marla plot but these plots will definitely give you high returns once near possession which is due anytime soon. The optimum sale price would be near the possession. Other than that if you hold it a while longer even after possession it would continue to grow with time which would be it’s natural growth period.

4. Multiple commodities options in DHA Lahore

a) Procuring a 5 marla option in Phase 9 town coupled with another in IVY green would hopefully give you more fruitful returns in a short span.

b) Procuring a 5 marla option in J block Prism because of the ring road coupled with the underpriced Phase 9 town 5 marla would be another good buy.

c) 9 Town is underpriced therefore, if we procure one plot in 9 town along with another in Y block Phase 8 would be a good investment opportunity.

c) 5 marla IVY green with Y block 5 marla or 8 marla with rahbar file is a long term holding but the profitability might be higher in the same period.

5. Multiple commodities options in other cities

a) Multan file along with a Peshawar file with a two to three year holding period might give you a two to threefold return.

b) Gujranwala coupled with Multan would be lucrative for the short run. 6 months to 1 year tenure you can eye 15-30% return on investment (Profit)



The best buy in for a short term trade is the Prism 1 Kanal plot in Lahore or Multan coupled with Gujranwala and you can expect 15% and above returns in a years tenure

The prime buying for a medium period holding is Multan with Peshawar or Phase 9 town with Y block Phase 8 would give fruitful returns of around 30% and above in 2 years time.

The longer run allows us to invest in Rahbar along with Phase 8 Y block 8 marla which means the ballot of the Rahbar file and the initial jumps of Y block prices before and after possession and for the files it would be advisable to procure a Gujranwala file along with Multan.

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Umer Shehzad

MBA Finance (Cardiff, UK)

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Dear Umer,

When we talk about Rahbar, are we talking about Rahbar Ext 5 marla? and how will you define long term time frame. What are the returns expected considering current rate is around 29 Lacs of Rahbar 5 marla.
Secondly, how do you look at DHA Bhawalpur in short to medium term since all other DHA’s are currently trading about 40 Lacs. Thanks