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Guidelines for DHA Multan Launching

Read our guideline and expected premium for buying and selling of DHA Multan file on Installment

Congratulations in advance to the winners of DHA Multan Balloting to be held on 31st may 2017,

If you are willing to sell your file please contact our sellers agents at following numbers.

Mr, Saqib 0321 4209000

Mr, Umer 0320 8484630

Mr, Arsalan 0322 4112132

Mr, Ali Khan 0300 4241564

Mr, Gulraiz 0320 8556003

If you are a purchaser please contact our buyer agents at :

Mr, Ishfaq 0322 2237332

Miss, Sabeen 0321 4655762

Mr, Hanan 0320 4507887

Miss, Saima 0322 4719134

The last date to submit your application in DHA Multan is 31st March 2017. A lot of people are applying for the plots in hope to get hold of a plot on installments or to sell it out quickly on a profit. I on the other hand is a bit disappointed over the entire process because i feel that demanding a nonrefundable fee in thousands and allowing any one to apply unlimited number of applications without disclosing the total number of plots available for the balloting is a bit of rip off . This launch will have just one clear winner “DHA Multan” which will collect billions just to offer people eligibility to be part of the balloting process. However “when in Rome do as the Romans do” and i did end up submitting two applications, one for a 10 Marla residential and other for a 4 Marla commercial. Some of the Guidelines i want to offer you before you make the decision to apply are as following:

  1. How many applications should you submit

    There is no need for you to apply for a large number of files. Although logically you will end up having a better chance to win in the balloting but there is no guarantee that you will. You can actually end up losing all the nonrefundable money for nothing. It may be better to wait out a bit if you do not win any and buy some thing on a premium later on. I do not believe that the premium will be too high specially on 1 Kanal files which are being launched at 68 Lacs PKR.

  2. Best category to apply in terms of price

    In my personal opinion 10 Marla residential at 35 Lacs and 4 Marla commercial at 175 Lacs offer the best return for your investment. However as we are not sure about the total number of plots available in each category, my calculation can go wrong in terms of your chances to win.

  3. Best category to apply in terms of chance

    Best category to apply in terms of winning chance is 1 Kanal residential file and 8 Marla commercial file. I believe that the prices are high for both these categories and the number of plots vs the number of applicants in 1 Kanal category may give you a better chance to win.

  4. General public quota vs specific categories quota

    The general public quota will always have a higher ratio of applicants compared to the plots allocated for it. If a specific quota is applicable to you, i will suggest that you apply on it and not in general public as it will give you a better chance to win.

If you still have any further questions please feel free to ask us in the discussion form.

I hope this simple guideline will help you take a wiser decision. I personally applied for the best categories in terms of price as they will offer the best return on my investment, after all its not about just getting a plot, its about how much i can earn on it if i win one.



Captain (Retd) Shahnawaz Yaqub Bhatti

Investment Consultant and CEO at Imlaak

Mob : +92 333 1717170 ( Whatsapp)

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Muhammad Aslam

Please inform me when billoton will be done and second question during form filling the no of NICOP dash insurted wroung place other numbers are all ok is it any problem are not. Thanks

Muhammad Imran

or Humain kese pata chly ga humara naam aya hai ya nahi. huain koi SMS alert mile ga ya website pa update mile ge

Muhammad Imran

what is the date of balloting. sir kindly please tell me..


kindly reply what is date of balloting


Is there any posibility to sumit files after 31th March?


When result of balloting will come


When ther esult will Announced

Mrs Ali

When is balloting expected ? and how we came 2 know we win or lose ?


Total No of plots only 10 M reserved for Def Paid Civ ?

Shafique Ahmed

I am defense paid employ from disable councle employee, I am also disable having disabilities certificate. Suggest me which quota I chose for batter opportunities. I wait ur reply. for 10 mala or 8 marla


Can i apply 10 marla residential and 4 marla commercial on same cnic.

Hidayatullah malik

Aoa sir .plz tell me the quota for disble person in 5 marla residentl plot in Dha mltn.and r the specil person draw will be sepertly…?thnks …


Can you please guide me the dha city Lahore future


I am farooqazam
Sir dha city karachi sector 13 a ka kaya