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Where to invest PKR 30 million in DHA?

Where to invest PKR 30 million in DHA? This is the third chapter in where to invest in DHA. This article would help you in making decisions regarding properties quickly in terms of investment which you might have. This would focus on short, medium and long term goals and a mix in some cases. This

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Where to invest PKR 20 Million in DHA Lahore?

Where to invest 20 million in DHA Lahore?   In a series of articles this one would focus on investing 10-20 million primarily in DHA Lahore. Furthermore, this would help in making long, mid and short term decisions. This article where to invest 20 million in DHA Lahore will open up more avenues of investment

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Monthly Plot Sale Report DHA Lahore for March, 2017

Monthly Plot Sale Report DHA Lahore for March, 2017 Phase 6 Plots and Houses This is the monthly plot sale report DHA Lahore for March, 2017. Phase 6 has been relatively stable. House buyers have seen an increase in Phase 6 but between the price bracket of 4-4.5 crores. High end or low end houses have seen

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DHA Residential Files Analysis

DHA Residential Files Analysis This article would focus on 1 kanal residential files available in different cities of Pakistan namely Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur. Primarily 1 kanal files would be the focus of this article. As we all know that the prices of these files have increased in the past few months. DHA Residential

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Amnesty For Offshore Companies

Real estate and amnesty for offshore company

Real estate and amnesty for offshore company   Pakistan has joined as the 111th member of the OECD in 2012 the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax will participate in the peer review process which encourages all countries to adopt effective exchange of information in tax matters. Extracts from the mission

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Private societies in Gwadar: Reality or Hoax

Private Societies in Gwadar: Hoax or Reality   Private societies in Gwadar: Hoax or Reality, this article will give you an insight what and what not to do while investing in Private Societies in Gwadar. Hopefully more informed decisions will be made once you go through the reading material. Gwadar has seen a sprout of

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make money

5 ways to make quick money in real estate

5 ways to make money in real estate People have become millionaires in a very short span because of property trading as well as development but foremost it’s the land value that has appreciated. Value addition to the raw commodity has given good returns as well but it’s the actual price of land which seems

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rise of trump

Rise Of Trump & Pakistan Real Estate

Rise Of Trump & Pakistan Real Estate So the unthinkable has happened and Donald Trump is the elected President of the USA. The world is in shock and awe with a mixed and confused reaction to this historic upset in US elections. What does this mean for Pakistan in general, specially the Pakistani’s living in

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Grow Rich While You Sleep

Grow Rich While You Sleep If you want to reach financial freedom and stability than you must find a way to make money and grow rich while you sleep. There are many ways to do that including investments in stock markets, mutual funds and real estate. As we grow in our careers or primary businesses we

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Dha Rahber

DHA Rahbar (Phase XI)

DHA RAHBAR (PHASE XI) Situated on the Defence Road behind Valencia this society boasts low budget high yielding profits. With limited number of plots and files available in DHA Rahbar there is a tremendous upwards increase in the prices. This part of DHA is surrounded by different newly developed societies with plots available at lower

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