DHA Rahbar ballot coming soon

Analysis Report DHA Rahber Phase 11 Phase 2 Ext Balloting

DHA Rahbar ballot coming soon

DHA Rahbar ballot of residential and commercial files of Phase 2 extension is expected very soon. Good news for people who have purchased DHA Rahbar files. The ballot is expected much soon than you think. In about a month or so we can expect the much awaited ballot of DHA Rahbar files. It was delayed due to some land issues which to my knowledge have been cleared. It is imperative that if you don’t own a file residential or commercial buy it soon. The rumor is it is going to take place in August which leaves us with very little time.

It is recommended to buy an allocation instead of affidavit at this point. The reason for that is affidavits might take a while during processing an allocation is much better although the transfer fee is higher it reduces your risk of delayed procedures. Commercial file is the most lucrative investment as of now. It is highly recommended to buy a commercial if your budget allows or go for a residential file if the budget is low.

Buy now don’t delay

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Umer Shehzad

MBA Finance (Cardiff University, UK)


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Lord Vikard

Kindly specify the recommended commercial option in Rahbar Extension